There is nothing quite like the "Southern Charm" and downright soulful singing of this Cajun mother of three.

A child of the south, Laura was raised in a world abounding with music. Blend that with the famous Cajun love for a good time in great company, it is fair to say Laura belted tunes at many a get together well before beginning her professional career at 17. For eight years, McNeese University's 30 piece "Big Band" featured her skills as a soloist, and there she became renowned for her love of the "good music", the kind Mom and Dad always loved. They always said, "Laura was born many decades too late."

Since her humble beginnings in Lousiana, Laura took to traveling, bringing the sounds of the "Old Standards" to places far and wide, including her ancestral home of France, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and the great white north of Alaska.

But of all the exotic places she has performed, nothing soothes her soul more than a simple living room, surrounded by family and friends.

So, invite those close to you, open a special Cabernet, and enjoy a few of her favorite songs from the past.

Welcome to Laura's "living room".

Listen to selected clips:


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